Hundstage in the Mühle

The playful summer evenings for dreamers, city people and other bon vivants - in 2022 with live sound, literature, bar and street food. Curated by Millers and Lauter.

No ticket, lots of atmosphere, love and beer - FREE ADMISSION! In the courtyard of the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen. 


The next Hundstage will take place from July to August, always on Fridays and Saturdays! We look forward to seeing you! 


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What are Hundstage?

The hot summer days between July & August are called Hundstage . The constellation "Big Dog" is responsible for the original naming. In the Mühle the Hundstage are the warm evenings full of art and culture.








Concert "The Gucci Panettone " - Hundstage 2021

Program Review 2022

Photo: Maurice Haas / © Diogenes Verlag

Reading Seraina Kobler "Deep, dark blue" Opening evening

The Zurich lake basin packed in the best literature!

Seraina Kobler, born in Locarno in 1982, worked as a journalist for the 'Neue Zürcher Zeitung', among others, after studying linguistics and cultural studies, before becoming an independent author. She opens Hundstage with her latest novel, the Zurich crime novel about the lake policewoman Rosa Zambrano: Shortly after Rosa Zambrano has eggs frozen in a fertility clinic on Lake Zurich, her doctor is found dead. Who was Dr. Jansen, a successful biotech entrepreneur on the side, standing in the way of? The first clues lead to a villa on the Gold Coast, to the alternative scene, to genetic research laboratories and the red-light district - and to four women who, each in her own way, do not want to accept what biology or fate dictate.

Concert "TOMPAUL

Fine Tuning at the highest level!

TOMPAUL consistently work on perfecting their very own signature sound. TOMPAUL are rightly considered the Swiss hopefuls of electronic pop music and have made a name for themselves beyond the country's borders with excellent releases and emotionally charged live performances. TOMPAUL are masters in creating very specific moods: A peculiar euphoric melancholy creeps through their productions. Songs with a sentimental pull that carry the reverberations of past nights into the morning.

TOMPAUL on mx3


Reading Max Küng "Stranger Friends

Summer vacations in the courtyard!

Max Küng, born in 1969 in Maisprach near Basel, has been a reporter and columnist for the Tages-Anzeiger magazine since 1999. He was an easy listening DJ, accounts receivable clerk and dance theater musician.
With us he reads from the summer novel "Fremde Freunde": The invitation sounds perfect: a week's vacation in an idyllic house in France. Just let your soul dangle again. Enjoying sweet dolce farniente. Eating like God in France, and finally, of course, picking apples in your own garden! But unfortunately, things turn out as they often do: very, very differently. Laurent, Quentin and Denis' parents only know each other from parents' evenings. So it's no surprise that behind the façade of this perfect vacation idyll, things quickly begin to smolder.


Ilya Komarov and special guest - A Ukrainian-Russian evening

ATTENTION: Change of program!

Our Russian-born technician Ilya Komarov has been working for peace since the beginning of the war. Together with a Ukrainian woman, who fled to Switzerland with her son four months ago and has been closely connected to the Millersteam since then, he will organize this evening with music, vodka, borscht and pierogi. With a lot of joie de vivre we want to try to create connection and comfort on a small scale, precisely because it does not succeed on a large scale.


 Photo: Lukas Lienhard / © Diogenes Verlag

Reading Thomas Meyer "Is She Right?"

A live life consultation with the bestselling author

Thomas Meyer, born in Zurich in 1974, worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies and as a reporter on editorial boards after dropping out of law school. He has been a freelance writer since 2012 and is happy about it every day. His "Wolkenbruch" novels and his non-fiction book "Trennt Euch!" became bestsellers, and the film adaptation "Wolkenbruch" (2018) was a big hit in the cinema.
For the Hundstage he comes with his novel "Hat sie recht?", because if you ask Thomas Meyer for advice, you get it. And how! In trenchant texts, he answers questions about choosing a partner and relationships of all kinds, interpersonal communication and happiness. In doing so, Meyer is not concerned with offering simple solutions - rather, he directs the focus to the questioners themselves and invites new perspectives in an inspiring and provocative way.

Concert "EMZYG

From basement band to superstar!

With a mix of dreamy psychedelic rock, garage-punk rhythms, classic rock-pop and idiosyncratic post-punk, the Zurich band "EMZYG" transcends listeners on a mind-bending journey. The band began with three teenagers playing simple tunes in a basement, and over the course of two years evolved into a five member band, creating new and different songs every few months. Listening to their mellow songs, artists like Mazzy Star, The Blue Angel Lounge and IAN SWEET come to mind.

EMZYG on mx3

Reading Michèle Minelli "Capitulation "

Laugh, drink, listen! 

Michèle Minelli, born in Zurich in 1968, is a Swiss writer, film director and writing coach. A multi-talent of the writing scene. She will read from her latest novel, "Capitulation": five women in the arts who were once convinced they could achieve anything if only they wanted to. Today, they have come down to earth: They can, they do, they are overlooked and forgotten. At a reunion after 18 years, the five explore their options, talk about missed opportunities, laugh and drink. Until, in this relaxed round, the idea comes up to stage a flash mob, in which all the women vanish into thin air. What four of the women forget again, one of them takes deadly serious. We laugh and drink with her and listen to her words. Come by!

Concert "Gamma Kite

In a state of musical intoxication!

"Gamma Kite" alias Louis Keller moves fluidly between indie, psychedelic rock and pop. With a lot of sensitivity he arranges layer after layer of his dreamy-lost songs. On stage with amplification times four, the controls are then turned up properly and the refined songwriting is thus once again given a new face. A live experience in a class of its own - grab a beer and get euphoric! 

Gamma kite on mx3

Reading Sybil Schreiber "Saffron Heaven"

Direct, poetic, dense!

In "Safranhimmel" Sybil Schreiber follows her protagonists quietly and with respectful distance. She observes precisely how Paula, Maxi or Beate search for their place, their role, and still cannot come to terms with the fact that one cannot expect too much from life. Because sooner or later, each of the women ends up in the hospital. Fat Beate, who scrubs her refrigerator, preserves cucumbers from the allotment and caresses dolls. Katja, who seeks her meaning of life in an affair and doesn't know why she has children. Maxi, who dyes her hair bright blue and has ugly debts. Or Paula, who throws the antique wooden cabinet out of the apartment. Instead of the ex-husband. After the successful debut "Sophie has left the group" (Salis, 2018), "Safranhimmel" is now a real literary hit.  

Photo: © Joël Hunn

Concert "NURIT

Philosophy meets sound!

"Everything flows and nothing remains; there is only an eternal becoming and changing" - Plato's words not only summarize Heraklit's river doctrine as originally intended, but also aptly describe the message that NURIT sends with her third EP "Meander". With the Zurich singer-songwriter this is not called panta rhei, but meandering, philosophical treatises give way to piano and viola sounds - sometimes dragging, sometimes gentle, sometimes heavy, sometimes upbeat. Between darkfolk and indiepop, Meander celebrates life. We, too, let ourselves be driven by her music and give ourselves over completely to her art for an evening. The EP "Meander" was created in collaboration with the Zurich musician Gina Été and was recorded at the musician Adrian Weyermann.

Photo: © Livio Baumgartner

Reading Simone Lappert "Long overdue savagery" with music by Martina Berther 

Summer poetry at its best! Long overdue savagery is a spoken poetry performance by Simone Lappert with music by Martina Berther (electric bass). Diogenes writer Simone Lappert, born in 1985 in Aarau, studied at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel. Her latest novel "Der Sprung" was nominated for the Swiss Book Prize. In Simone Lappert's poetry, thoughts moss. Love tastes of quince, catastrophe of strawberries, and the poet asks herself, asks us: "say, how does one get through winter without a future again?" Poems about departures, longings, self-determination and the fragile present. All senses condense, all sense materializes in these texts full of beauty, cleverness and wit.
Martina Berther, born in 1984 and raised in Chur, now living in Zurich, is one of the most versatile electric bassists and composers on the Swiss music scene. Her sound spectrum ranges from pop to experimental music. She tours internationally with her solo project, the duo Ester Poly, the band AUL and with the singer Sophie Hunger. &

Concert "Klaus Egger Trio

Cheers to the simple life!

Music for the young of yesterday and the old of today. With this announcement, Andri Graf, Joshua Ott and Sebastian Lauber, better known as "Klaus Egger Trio", have been playing numerous concerts in Switzerland and abroad since the summer of 2018. The band with Andri Graf, Joshua Ott and Sebastian Lauber found its origin on a farm in Zurich. The regular outdoor rehearsals between vegetable and flower gardens soon allowed the three musicians to play their first live performance. This concert was the catalyst that made the musical ambition, the joy of playing together and the pent-up creativity react with each other. Since then they put the whole audience in a dancing mood at their concerts. 

Klaus Egger Trio on mx3

Reading Andrea Fischer Schulthess "Amalia

If Andrea were a book, she would fill an entire library

The Zurich author, storyteller from the "Minitheater Hannibal" and theater director of the "Millers" reads a jet-black short story - a spin-off from her second book, which is currently (already miserably long plus a day) in the works.

Concert "NATYVA

Viva La Vida!

Just as life is not about the destination, but about the journey, the musical journey of NATYVA is unstoppable. NATYVA is a band from Switzerland, but with an international background. Their music ranges from Pop, Funk, Soul and Latino to Jazz and Afro influences. Together they create a multicultural musical universe with warm and raw sounds that capture travel experiences and are meant to take you back to your roots. Their lyrics are in English and Spanish. These are sung, rapped and partly sung along by the audience.








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Bar Lesque with Minouche by Marabou - Hundstage 2021

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