Luege, lose, laugh and bache
- s'Familiefäscht in the circle 8


At the annual EinChorn on September 24, 2023, there will be brunch, free admission to Mühlerama, guided tours and many other small as well as large attractions.

The free syrup fountain and the café Kornsilo were part of the delicious standard program, as well as again theatrical-musical trouvailles from Millers.

Program Review 2022


Marius from the hunting band

Cult songs to sing along


Miggi from the magic studio Varieté Triché

Makes the yard amazed


Mini theater Hannibal

With lots of facial expressions, tragedy, love and wit, they tell and play Grimm classics and co. for children of all ages.


Sibylle Aeberli

Tells and sings with you about the charming Schnügelinski.


Kati Rickenbach

The live comic artist accompanies Sibylle Aeberli during her performance.


Gait stilt theater

Walk Act - performance, a bunch of colorful artists with the passion virtuosity in stilt walking

gait.stilt theater


Let's go! I make the world as I like it

In this year's Artizip design workshop, you'll re-stamp your world.... the way you like it!


Stage School Zurich

Yurika teaches classical ballet - just give it a try.
- from 7 years 



Stage School Zurich

In creative children's dance, Nicoletta teaches children the joy of dancing in a playful way.
- from 5 - 7 years 



Sweet bakery

Shape and bake your own cinnamon pastries from yeast dough - it het so langs het!

10:00 - 14:00

Hairstyling studio

In the hairdressing salon - Il Parrucchiere Andreia will conjure up for you a great hairstyle with braids.

Guided tours in the Mühlerama

Time travel

If you only knew what happened at Mühle . Listen to the old walls tell you all about it. Tour with audio guide.

Grinding and baking

Flex your muscles and grind grain into flour. Take it home, or bake your roll right after.



The secret

Flour disappeared from the Mühle. Nobody knows why. Uncover the dark secret of the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen.


Short tours

The Mühle in operation. We are amazed at how the 100-year-old plant starts moving and produces flour. 

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