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Our vegetables grow in the neighborhood, the grapes ripen on Lake Zurich and we cook consistently with the seasons. We deal with your questions, are happy about your ideas and are constantly developing. Always towards the future and with a lot of pleasure.

To our gastro partners

Laboratory of sustainable gastronomy

With every meal we cook or enjoy, we can have an impact on our environment. Food is one of the most important drivers of climate change. Gastronomy will also have to change. We are already finding fun answers to this today and are taking this path together with our guests, employees and partners.

Vegetable kitchen

We prefer to work with quality rather than finger-pointing. Low meat consumption makes sense from both a health and environmental perspective. That's why we go to great lengths to make our plant-based offerings fun. We offer more plant-based products than meat and fish. Contemporary and necessary, we think.

Meat & Fish

For those who choose meat or fish, we serve meat from animals raised on Swiss pasture. The fish comes mostly from Lake Zurich and always from Switzerland. We know all producers personally. Whenever possible, we buy whole animals so that we can utilize all parts.

Pura Verdura

We get part of our vegetables from the cooperative Pura Verdura. This solidarity farm produces organic vegetables - and it's only a walk from the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen away.

Pura Verdura Carrot field

Cereal kitchen

The Mühle Tiefenbrunnen was originally a brewery. Cereals have been a tradition with us for over 130 years and are more than just wheat, rice and corn. We are fascinated by the diversity of cereals on this earth and also like to work with oats, einkorn and green spelt.


Consistently buy seasonally and enjoy good things even longer: To ensure the variety on our menu, we preserve part of the harvest in our production kitchen in the traditional way. We dry, ferment and preserve.

Our partners

Flour and bread:
Museum Mühlerama, Tiefenbrunnen
Buchmann Bakery, Zurich

Seasonal vegetables:
Pura Verdura solidarity farming in Lengg (Kreis 8)
Neighborhood farm on the Wynegg (Kreis 8)
Marinello family, Altstetten (district 9)

Enikerhof, Cham

Fructus Fruit Association, Wädenswil

Organic mushrooms:
Kernser Edelpilze, Kerns

Central Switzerland

Truffle ravioli:
Pastinella, Oberentfelden

Goat cheese:
Hungerbühler Cheese Dairy, Oberrintal

Hay milk mozzarella:
Einsiedeln Milk Manufactory

Hinkelstein cheese:
Naturbuur, Gibswil ZH

Gut Mädikon, Stallikon

Organic duck:
Clavadetscher family, Malans

Zurich fish, Adrian Gerny
Alpine pikeperch, Susten, Valais
Trout & brown trout, Bremgarten fish farm

cattle & Veal:
Gabi and Stephan Vetsch-Caretta, Gutsbetrieb Stockengut, Kilchberg
Ziegler Metzg, Oerlikon

Hohl family, forest in Appenzell

Polenta and Bramata:
Linthmais Association, Tuggen

The Pure:
The Pure Patrick Marxer, Wetzikon

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Restaurant Blaue Ente
Mühle Tiefenbrunnen
Seefeldstrasse 223
8008 Zurich

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Seefeldstrasse 219
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