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Evening menu

Chefʼs Choice

4-course menu
Let us surprise you.
We serve you a selection of our unique dishes.
Meat | 98.-
Vegetarian | 88.-

the perfect wine pairing to go with it
| 43.-

the matching non-alcoholic wine alternative
| 38.-


Evening Special
Special Cuts from our sourced organic animals.


Colorful from the neighborhood
Leaf salad and vegetable strips from Pura Verdura with house dressing
| 14.00

Greek style artichoke hearts
tomato vinaigrette, salad bouquet, baked Schwyzer-cheese “Krapfen”
| 24.00

Spring vegetable roll
Radish carpaccio, parsley cream, coriander cress, chili walnut dip
| 18.00

Gazpacho Andaluz
Chives oil, house bread croutons
| 16.00

Crayfish Bisque
poached pike perch dumplings
| 21.00

Ceviche of Lake Zurich fish according to the catch of the day
Ginger, cucumber, confit lemon, chervil mayonnaise
| 21.00

Beef tartare of Gutsbetrieb Stockengut
quail egg, salad bouquet, marinated red onions, pickles
Starter 26.00| Main course 42.00

Main Courses

Warm Chickpea salad
Ratatouille, crispy hay milk mozzarella ball
| 30.00

Summer risotto
poached egg, pea cream, Hinkelstein cheese
| 30.00

Seasonal braised vegetables oriental style
roasted almonds, Fouad's Ras el-Hanout, mixed herbs, couscous pearls
| 31.00

Homemade Casarecce
Ramati tomato reduction, braised fennel strips, hot peppers,
Valle Maggia pepper
| 27.00

Lentil-Tempeh Skewer
pea cream, grilled zucchetti, tomato salsa
| 30.00

Duo of alpine pike perch and Bremgartner char
white wine risotto, young spinach leaves, saffron sauce
| 48.00

Frikadellers from Beef
Macaire potatoes, young spinach, oyster mushroom rosé sauce
| 38.00

Alpenstein Ribelmais chicken breast
Bean cassoulet with spicy salami, confit peppers
| 38.00

Beef tagliata from T-bone steak
Züri Fries, young spinach, hollandaise (takes 30 min)
200 g | 58.00

Rack of lamb Provençal style
potato gratin, ratatouille, rosemary jus
| 55.00

Our service staff will be happy to inform you about today's special.


Dark chocolate fondant
Sour cream ice cream (lasts 15min)
| 16.00

Crème brûlée
meringue, rhubarb compote
| 14.00 

Stirred iced coffee
whipped cream, Swiss Chocolate Liqueur
| 15.00 

Sorbet and ice cream
Baileys, rhubarb, Walnut, yogurt, strawberry
Per scoop | 5.00

Cheese duo from the Zurich Oberland
pickled black nuts and balsamic onion chutney
| 15.00 

All prices in CHF, VAT included.
Fish, meat and vegetables come exclusively from Switzerland. We are happy to inform you about ingredients in our dishes that may trigger allergies or intolerances.

Our partners

Flour and bread:
Museum Mühlerama in Tiefenbrunnen
Bakery Buchmann in Zurich

Seasonal vegetables:
Pura Verdura Solidarity Farming in Lengg (Kreis 8)
Neighborhood Farm on Wynegg (Kreis 8)
Marinello Family from Altstetten (District 9)

Käser family in Erlinsbach (SO)

Fructus Fruit Association in Wädenswil

Mountain potatoes:
Heinrich family from the Albula Valley

Organic mushrooms:
Kernser Edelpilze in Kerns

Goat cheese:
KäsereiHungerbühler, Oberrintal

Hay milk mozzarella:
Einsiedeln Milk Manufactory

Hinkelstein cheese:
Naturbuur, Gibswil ZH

Gut Mädikon, Stallikon

Organic duck:
Clavadetscher family in Malans

Züriseefische, Adrian Gerny
AlpenZander, Susten Wallis
Char, Bremgarten fish farm

Swiss waters

Gabi and Stephan Vetsch-Caretta,Gutsbetrieb Stockengut in Kilchberg
Ziegler Metzg in Oerlikon

Hohl family from Wald im Appenzell

Luca Zanetti local meat from Valposchiavo

Polenta and Bramata:
Linthmais Association in Tuggen

The Pure:
The Pure Patrick Marxer, Wetzikon