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Terroir Zürisee

The culinary festival with top wines from Lake Zurich, producer talk, regional street food and Dîner du Terroir.

Where the cultural area Mühle Tiefenbrunnen lush vines grew over a hundred years ago. And it is here that we will celebrate the 2nd Culinary Festival on Saturday, April 22, 2023 Terroir Zürisee.

Get to know the most exciting producers around Lake Zurich, their best wines and delicious products.


  • Terroir market from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    with more than 40 Zürisee producers

  • Admission free | tasting ribbon CHF 20

  • Takes place in all weather conditions (courtyard roofed)

  • Regional street food from the Blauen Ente

Terroir Zürisee Culinary Festival at Seefeld April 22, 2023

Terroir market 23

from 11:00 to 18:00
Admission free | tasting ribbon CHF 20

Wine producers

Winery Irsslinger-Wangen SZ 

Wines from the best grapes, characterized by the lake and its unique microclimate

Winery Bachmann-Stäfa

A family business with 10 hectares of vineyard

Swiss Wine Manufactory-Uerikon

Several parcels of fine vineyards on Lake Zurich in Stäfa-Uerikon-Gossau

Kümin Viticulture-Freienbach

Conserving resources: Kümin Bros. rely on returnable bottles 

Winery Erich Meier-Uetikon

The fine nose for trends in vinification, tradition and craftsmanship combined

Winery Diederik-Küsnacht

A mixture of tradition and new innovative ideas


Vineyard City Zurich-Zurich

Your wine grows and matures in the middle of the city of Zurich

Winery Rebhalde-Stäfa 

The ideal stand red for sophisticated wines

Pünter viticulture-Stäfa

Their eagerness to experiment is reflected in balanced wines with individual character

Schipf viticulture-Herrliberg 

The viticulture of the Schipf has a long tradition and dates back to 1398

Winery Rütihof-Uerikon

Natural viticulture, promotion of biodiversity and careful manual work

Höcklistein Winery-Rapperswil-Jona

One of the most beautiful vineyards on Lake Zurich

Lüthi viticulture-Männedorf

They capture the Lake Zurich atmosphere in bottles so it can be enjoyed by the sip.

Einsiedeln Monastery-Einsiedeln

The Rich Viticultural Traditions of the Monasteries of Einsiedeln and Fahr

Schwarzenbach Viticulture - Miles

They vinify wines that are fun to drink. Varietal and rare. Clearly structured and sincere.

Doubt 1898 - Zurich Höngg

Wine culture and knowledge passed down in the family business for centuries.

Dreistand - Wädenswil

Wines from three unique sites on the shores of Lake Zurich from the Wädenswil Viticulture Center, newly founded in 2018.

Juchhof Estate - Zurich

Managed by Grün Stadt Zürich with vineyard at Chillesteig and own city winemaker.

Hirschi viticulture - Männedorf

The newcomer from Männedorf, his wines also taste good to a young generation.


Food producers

Chäs & Co - Bergdietikon

In search of the best cheese, since 1983

Mikas - Zurich

With the Zurich classic "Stadtjäger" made from 100% organic meat from the city of Zurich and the vegetable dry sausage "Gartenjäger".

Cinnamon&Cardamom - Horgen

The tea manufactory for premium chai + iced tea as well as syrup

Mühlerama - Mühle Tiefenbrunnen Zurich

Products with freshly milled flour from our Müseums Mühle, sourdough bread, focciaca & cinnamon buns

Nanimale Gelati - Zurich

The ice cream manufacturer from Zurich with the sucky and vegan ice cream.

Sorbetto - Zurich

Ice cream handmade and without preservatives in cup or cornet

Core green - Zurich

Coffee grown in Zurich - Lupin coffee tastes similar to conventional coffee, but contains neither caffeine nor caffeic acid.

Regio Mushroom - Horgen & Zurich

Year-round fresh and local mushrooms and processed mushroom products, mushroom burgers, mushroom jerky, mushroom sausage.

Quartierhof Wynegg - Zurich

The farm in the middle of the city of Zurich, just a stone's throw from the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen away. Products from the farm store, flour, jam, syrup, pickled vegetables.

Bachtel Dairy - Wernetshausen

Dairy culture from Zurich's mountain region. Cheese, yogurt, curd, whey

Fructus - Wädenswil

Association for the promotion of old fruit varieties. Varietal sweet cider, apple ringli of different varieties, dried pear fruit spread.


DasPure - Wetzikon

Ecological delicacies, through collaboration with nature. 


Soil to Soul - Zurich

The international movement for soil conservation, regenerative agriculture and the context of a responsible, healthy and enjoyable diet.


Cooperative basimilch - Dietikon

Organic milk from horned cows is processed into natural dairy products in the farm's own cheese dairy. Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, raw milk, etc..



Beverage producers

Brewery Seebueb - Hombrechtikon

supplies coast and hinterland with fresh and digestible beers from Zurich

Oerlikon Brewery - Oerlikon

Local and hand-brewed beer from Oerlikon. Beer variety from high quality raw materials

Orator - Pfungen

The distillery for fine spirits & fine occasions

HK Drink's - Miles 

The home of Rosy's Gin and other distillates and liqueurs

Distillery Erismann - Bülach

For four generations, the refinement of fruit has been their passion and fascination. 

Gents Tonic Water - Zurich

With harmonious blends of different ingredients, they unfold a refined and more complex spectrum of flavors in long drinks. 

Bregaglia host region

Bergell is an idyllic mountain valley on the southern side of the Alps that connects the canton of Graubünden with Italy. The products of our guest region this year come from there. 

Fine chestnuts, Grisons baked goods, cheese, honey, pasta, herbs, tea and much more. Accompanied by handicrafts such as beeswax cloths, wooden boards and cosmetic products. 







Image source: Schwarzenbach Viticulture

Soil To Soul Talk

Exciting background discussions with producers in the Hall
Moderated by Andrin Willi | Admission free


13:30 | Food producers in the city

with Anita Leuthold (Kerngrün & Lupinenkaffee), Mika (mikas | Stadtjäger), Günther Arber (Deputy Director Urban Development) 

16:00 | Viticulture in climate change

with Diederik Michel (Winery Diederik)

More info on Soil To Soul


Soil to Soul Talk at Terrori Zürisee hosted by Andrin Willi


Atmospheric music may not be missing at this culinary festival.
The market hustle and bustle in the courtyard is accompanied by: 

DJ Lazy



Terroir Zürisee the culinary festival with music and DJ

Wine tasting

Over 35 wine varieties grow on our doorstep. Learn about the tradition behind Pinot Noir and which particularly resistant crosses stand out today. Find out what Zürisee wines taste like and come along! With the tasting ribbon (CHF 20) you can taste the whole variety at the festival and talk to the producers personally.

By the way: In the restaurant Blaue Ente we have over 100 Lake Zurich wines on the menu. All year round.

Discover the wine list

Terroir Zürisee 2022

Dîner du Terroir

The team of the restaurant Blaue Ente will serve you a regional 4-course menu for CHF 95 on April 22, 2023, starting at 6:30 p.m. A tribute to the long-standing culture of Zürisee wines, which is now being revived - and you'll be there. 

Online reservation
+41 44 388 68 40




Where the cultural area Mühle Tiefenbrunnen lush vines grew in 1885.

Image source:



What is terroir?

The French term "terroir" is a key word in wine jargon and stands for the entire environment in which a wine is created. But what exactly constitutes terroir? On the one hand, it combines natural factors such as vines, soil and climate. But equally, the cultural influences and the makers shape their wine and pleasure products. Character is multi-layered - and around Lake Zurich it has particularly many layers.

Terroir Zürisee View from vineyard to the lake of Zurich

Wine Village Riesbach

The region around Lake Zurich is tailor-made to produce top wines. The glacier between Pfannenstiel and Albiskette has formed moraine hills with the perfect slope. The soil around the lake has everything good in it and Lake Zurich creates a mild (wine) climate. Viticulture has been important here for centuries. Riesbach, for example, was a wine village, as evidenced by the vine knife in its coat of arms. 

Schwarzenbach Viticulture - Terroir Zürisee 2022












Dominic Mathies, Einsiedeln Monastery Winery

Terroir market review

At Terroir Zürisee 2022, around 30 selected producers were guests at our Terroir Market. There was wine to taste, cheese, Tsüri sauce, bread, chocolate and many other Züri products. DJ Lazy and The Sheiks provided the musical accompaniment.

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