Terroir Zürisee

The culinary festival with top wines from Lake Zurich, street food from the region and sound to enjoy. A culinary festival that gives Lake Zurich products the platform they deserve - for friends, connoisseurs and the whole family!

On Saturday, April 9, 2022 was held the first Culinary Festival Terroir Zürisee . In 2023 there will be another Terroir Zürisee , we are looking forward!

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Producers' Market Review

At Terroir Zürisee 2022, around 30 selected producers were guests at our Terroir Market. There was wine to taste, cheese, Tsüri sauce, bread, chocolate and many other Züri products. DJ Lazy and The Sheiks provided the musical accompaniment.









Image source: Schwarzenbach Viticulture

What is terroir?

The French term "terroir" is a key word in wine jargon and stands for the entire environment in which a wine is created. But what exactly constitutes terroir? On the one hand, it combines natural factors such as vines, soil and climate. But equally, the cultural influences and the makers shape their wine and pleasure products. Character is multi-layered - and around Lake Zurich it has particularly many layers.



Where the cultural area Mühle Tiefenbrunnen lush vines grew in 1885.

Image source: maps.stadt-zuerich.ch



Wine tasting

Over 35 varieties of wine grow on our doorstep - and very few of them are known. That's exactly why this festival exists! Learn about the tradition behind Pinot Noir, which particularly resistant crosses stand out today or get to know Elbling: an important grape variety that was completely extinct but is now being cultivated again. Find out what Zürisee wines taste like and stop by! In the restaurant Blaue Ente we have over 100 Zürichsee wines on the menu. All year round. 

Discover the wine list of the Blauen Ente







Dominic Mathies, Einsiedeln Monastery Winery

Terroir Zürisee

The region around Lake Zurich is tailor-made to produce top wines. The glacier between Pfannenstiel and Albiskette has formed moraine hills with the perfect slope. The soil around the lake has everything good in it and Lake Zurich creates a mild (wine) climate. Viticulture has been important here for centuries. Riesbach, for example, was a wine village, as evidenced by the vine knife in its coat of arms. 


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